MALIKAH is healing our hearts.


Our healing spaces are organic and traditional. We draw from the historic and magic ways that women gather to build empathy and sisterhood. We believe that healing, especially within the context of a society steeped in patriarchy/x-isms, is a lifelong journey. Our goal is to equip women with the appropriate tools they need to gather and heal together. To start, prepare your heart, download our toolkit and bring together 2-15 of your homegirls, in a mosque, coffee shop, garden, library and/or on a stoop.

Or email us and we can hit you up with the information you need or come facilitate a healing justice space with you! We’re here to help you wherever you are on your healing path.

Keep us posted. Send us pics and fill out evals. If we’ve messed something up, let us know. Your feedback helps us be more effective, reach more women, be more intentional and heal. We’re on this journey with you.




Email us for the curriculum!


Can’t do ten sessions? Email us at for a modified curriculum.