Community Organizer Scholarship

Our organizer scholarship program is designed to cultivate a generation of women organizers around the world. Our community appreciates that community organizing work is typically emotionally challenging and under-compensated. To start we are funding one young woman (ages 18-30) to travel domestically or abroad to launch a Malikah program or initiative for gender justice for her community.

Our travel scholarship supports the personal and movement development of ambitious young women who are passionate about driving social change for women at both the local and global level. The scholarship provides funding needed to expand the Malikah collective into a new community in line with our vision, mission, values and four main programmatic pillars 1) self-defense 2) healing 3) financial literacy and 4) organizing. Applicants will be prompted to submit a proposal and project plan for their potential engagement of a new community for movement expansion and growth.

This scholarship is funded and supported by Natalie Jesionka. Natalie is an educator, world traveller, and human trafficking expert who has devoted her career to helping students navigate complex global issues. Born to Polish immigrants, she is the first to attend college and receive a graduate degree in her family. Natalie has spent her career traveling the world researching the most pressing human rights issues of our time including human trafficking, refugees, and migration. Recently, she founded Global Elective, a platform that helps people better access travel opportunities and travel ethically. Understanding the difficulties of acquiring seed funding for initial research projects, Natalie remains determined to support a new generation of leaders who are ready to explore the world and make an impact.

If you’re interested in contributing to or learning more about our organizer scholarship fund please email us at movement@malikah.org.

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This form will close on 10/1/2018. Applicants will hear back about their status on 10/15/2018.

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