Our Justice Statement

Historically, many of our sisters, because of the cultural biases and intersectional inequities, have been violently kept out, silenced, and dismissed in women-led spaces and movements. The Women’s Movement can only thrive when we set out to seek justice, equity, and liberation for all of us.

Malikah spaces recognize and affirm the diversity of womanhood and insist our members claim all of their identities into any space we occupy. We center the voices of women who have been most marginalized in our movements.

Malikah is the woman who marched for our freedom and our right to vote. Malikah is the aunty in shalwar kamees and New Balance sneakers working behind the Dunkin Donuts counter supporting generations.

Malikah escaped war and poverty, immigrated with a dream. Malikah is a first generation college student and entrepreneur. She runs for office and preserves our herstories through art. Malikah is our singing, unshakable voice. She is the way our hips move to tabla, hip hop and reggaeton, in honor of ancestors.

Malikah rises after her lands have been stolen and occupied. Malikah fights back in the face of racism and sexism. She reminds us of our power as individuals.

Malikah is the human in us. Malikah is the superhuman in us. Malikah is our vision for every woman around the globe. She reminds us of our interdependence and the collective strength in our sisterhood. She reminds us we need each other and we fight for each other.

Malikah is our dreams for what our world could be. She is the one who won’t allow us to cease being loud until we exist in a world where each and every single one of us is guaranteed security, justice and liberation. Malikah is every woman.

Here’s to building a world where all women feel connected, healed and secure within all of the spaces we occupy.