MALIKAH is training for security for all women


It’s our fundamental human right to exist in the world free from all forms of violence. As we work to dismantle cultural, political and economic systems that undermine the security and progression of women, we also want to provide women  with skills to de-escalate violent situations. Self defense training is one piece of empowering women to feel safe and secure.

Our pedagogical values:

With every self defense technique we deconstruct the notion that our bodies are not our own. With every movement we begin a healing process with our bodies, one where we finally have full control over our security and space. We recognize that every woman comes into our classes with varying experiences and expressions of womanhood. We affirm the diversity of our community of women and recognize that we are all on unique journeys. For some women, self-defense may be a tool for healing and connection with our source of power and body. For others, we are motivated to be trained in self defense because it will ultimately be a tool for self preservation.  Whatever the case may be, as you train yourself and others, our Malikah space is meant to be affirming for every part of your experience.



What you learn:

Our trainers are all MALIKAH certified and have years of global experience. Our expert black-belt instructors compiled a curriculum derived from various martial arts styles, built specifically for a modern day woman. We teach techniques centered on de-escalation- techniques that allow you to leverage the power of your own body and voice so that you can feel safe. All of our classes cover basic blocks, strikes, pressure points and verbal de-escalation. Our higher level classes teach on the ground grappling and combination strikes and blocks. All of our courses are designed to maximize your muscle memory and play to your personal strengths. All of our self-defense classes end with a healing space because we believe that empowerment starts with the heart.