Malikah is organizing for social change


Malikah is committed to creating action-oriented communities. When we heal, when we resist, when we breathe, when we laugh, when we fight back, when we grow, when we imagine something new, we see success. We must keep ourselves moving, hopeful and swinging and we know we need each other to do this. Malikah aims to create the springboard for more action and more change, so all groups should consider where reflection can inform next steps, as individuals and as communities.


Model for Change:

Through grassroots organizing training we give women the skills they need to create change in their communities. Organizing is leadership that enables people to turn the resources they have into the power they need to make the change they want. As we’ll learn throughout this guide, community organizing is all about people, the  power, and change – it starts with people and relationships, is focused on shifting power, and aims to create lasting change. Organizing people to build the power to make change is based on the mastery of five key leadership practices: telling stories, building relationships, structuring teams, strategizing, and acting.


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